Thursday, March 05, 2009

News and Record catches the 'Madness'


Just thought I would share the story News & Record ran about "Midnight Madness: Beer and a Bad Movie."

A new Friday gig: Bad movie, cheap beer
By Charles Wood
Special to Go Triad

When the acting, directing, writing, and cinematography in a movie all fail miserably the results can sometimes lead to a charming and amusingly awesome bad movie.

Joe Scott and Mike Compton want to celebrate this badness.

Every Friday in March, Scott and Compton will present the film series "Midnight Madness: Beer and a Bad Movie!" at the Carousel Luxury Cinemas. The series begins midnight Friday with "Troll 2" and continues with screenings of "The Room," "No Retreat, No Surrender" (the director's cut), and "Switch Blade Sisters" on subsequent Fridays.

"We're calling these movies bad," says Joe Scott, a contributor to Go Triad and co-host of the film series. "And they are certainly bad, from a critical standpoint, but are good movies in an accidental way."

Admission to each screening is $5 and includes three beers for patrons 21 and older. Popcorn and soda will be given to those under 21. The event also will include zany retro trailers and a few interesting giveaways.

"Bad movies are like kids," says Compton. "They can be kind of stupid, sweet and guileless. By watching kids you can get a great education in the way people work. They make mistakes but you forgive them for it because they have an innocence to them.

"Bad movies are the same way. When you're watching a bad movie, you are always aware it's a movie; you don't get lost in it. It shows you a lot about filmmaking in general."

(You can read the rest of the story here.)


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