Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top 10: The Final Countdown

I know this post is two days late, but I my hands were tied on this one. The online editor for GoTriad! didn't post this article on their website until yesturday, and I totally would have posted it then, but that was also the day that brother's baby decided to be born.

Think I am full of shit? Here's a picture to back me up:

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Anyway, here is the article with my complete listing of top 10 movies of the year, and this is a trailer for Lady Vengeance my favorite movie of 2006:

It's kinda funny; the article was titled Watch for these 2006 films at Oscar time, but I know for a fact that my first two films will be ignored. South Korean films don't quite have the same draw as Japanese and Chinese films do as far as attracting studios who will release them widely, and thus push for Academy recognition (i.e. Miramax, Sony Pictures Classics, etc.). Chan-Wook Park is a great director, easily among the top five working today, but until his country's films cross over with U.S. audiences, his considerable talents will be ignored.

As for The Devil and Daniel Johnston, it was eligible for nomination for last year's awards despite the fact that Sony didn't release it until March. I guess the festival screenings at the 2005 Sundance and SXSW film festivals ultimately doomed the film to obscurity, which is a shame. I place it beside Grizzly Man (which was also snubbed last year) as two of the most wholly entertaining documentaries ever made. Neither rely soley on interviews to tell their stories, which is great. I love non-fiction film, but the strategies are becoming less and less imaginitive (i.e. tons of interviews, talking heads, etc.), and it's unfortunate that America could never properly celebrate some of the genre's more original talent.

BONUS: While looking for the trailer to my number one film on youTube, I found a link where someone posted the entire thing in 10-minute installments. Let's see how long this lasts:


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