Wednesday, January 03, 2007

RE: Glen Baity's top 5

Movie Show friend and occasional guest-host Glen Baity posted his 'Top 5/Worst 5' movies of 2006 on this week's edition of Yes Weekly; and while I won't spoil his entire list (read the entire thing right here ), I will share the one film that he had in common with Mike, Mark Burger, and I:

2. The Prestige. Christopher Nolan re-teamed with brother and Memento scribe Jonathan Nolan to make the best film of his young career. Add stellar performances by Michael Caine and David Bowie and an elaborate plot with mystery to spare and you've got one killer illusion.

I guess if there was a Triad Critics Association, The Prestige would be at the top of our collective list. Definitely a great film.

It's a shame that Glen didn't get to take part in last Thursday's special - he's a hilarious guy and you can always trust him to have his own opinion about film. However, I am still glad to see that he not only got to share his list with the public, but that he also has a pretty darn good list of films as well.


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