Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This year's winner of the Greensboro 48-Hour Film Project.

Here's JoBeth, the winner of the Greensboro 48-Hour Film Project:


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Anyone who's ever been to a film set knows that making a movie is extremely difficult, and those challenges can only multiply when you have no more than 48 hours to get from script to screen. That's why you can't help but give props to the people who make pretty decent films in this contest. The Keen Collaborative really pulled their stuff together, and while the story was a tad bit weepy and over-dramatic for an eight-minute short, the overall tone of the film as well as the leading performance by Heather Meek were top-notch.

So with that said, it pleases me to announce that the guest on tomorrow's show will be none other than executive producer Dusty Keen. Tune in tomorrow to find out what the champion has to say about the making of this film.


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