Friday, September 07, 2007

Terry Malick

A crank-addled carpet cleaner recollects the time he washed Terry Malick's carpet.

On Malick's imdb profile, someone created a decent message board thread entitled "Who/where/what/when is Terrence Malick." It explores Malick's refusal to do interviews, get his picture taken, appear in behind-the-scenes featurettes for his DVD's, etc., and the dilemma it causes for his fans. I can understand it when an artist chooses not to disclose personal details about his or her life to the press. Their art is professional, their lives are personal - and they want the two to be seperate. But when an artist completely shuts himself off the way Malick has, sure there's a novelty to that, but he's also preventing any sort of dialogue between himself and those who appreciate his work. The result is that we have to get our perspectives of him from a bunch of crank-heads like the one in the video above.


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