Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Wall-E teaser.

Kinda glad Pixar decided to market this thing themselves rather than hand it off to Disney. While it was a hard sell, they definitely botched Ratatouille by not pitching it to an older audience who could have appreciated its beauty as much - if not more - than young children.

Every afternoon, I work for an afterschool program, and one of the hurdles I must face on a weekly basis is 'Fun Fridays' wherein we show the kids a video as a reward for good behavior. So many of the 'family' films we show are filled with poop-humor, farting, and groin punches to the point where I just get sick of it all. Pixar films are a breath of fresh air, and my only regret is that a lot of time lapses between each new release. Guess that's just one of the reasons they are so good.


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