Monday, October 29, 2007

Stupid audiences -- you get what you paid for!

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I rarely comment about on box-office receipts on the site since that's Mike's job on the show, but Box-Office Mojo reports that Saw IV made $32 million at the box-office this past weekend.

More than anything, I wanted to believe that this installment would flop for several reasons. First of all, it seemed like everyone I saw the last film with though the last Saw film was boring. The movie wasn't scary, and they killed off Jigsaw, the series' Freddy Kruger. After that, there would seem to be no point to making another entry (besides $$$); and definitely no point in going to see it, but I was wrong. Now it looks like Saw V and Saw VI will, in fact be made back-to-back a la The Matrix and Pirates sequels. Even worse, they are going to get theatrical releases, when the whole series should have gone straight-to-DVD by this point.

What makes all of this even more frustrating is the fact that 30 Days of Night came out just last week, and it's a vastly superior (i.e. 'scary') horror film than either of the Saw films I have seen thus far. Even die-hard fans of the waning 'torture-porn' genre had better options this year with Eli Roth's Hostel Part II, a movie that only sliced up $17 million during its entire theatrical run - that's nearly half of what Saw IV made in one weekend.


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