Tuesday, November 13, 2007

First the Joker went to Raleigh, now the Batman is in Hong Kong?!?

Writer Mike Sampson over at Joblo posted some cool pictures of Batman from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight in Hong Kong.

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(Is the dude carrying a samurai sword?)

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(What is he doing?! There are 6,980,412 people in Hong Kong, and most of them with cell phone cameras. Does he think no one will see him?)

So what's Batman doing in Hong Kong? PR, it would seem, since China now makes up a significant part of the world's box-office. Only things haven't been going too well. First came reports that Batman was unable to do a swimming scene in a Chinese harbor because the water is so polluted, it would have posed a health risk to Christian Bale. Then, Chinese officials complained, oddly enough, of the negative enviromental message posed when Christopher Nolan asked fifty Hong Kong building owners to keep the lights on in order to light up the city's skyline.

Folks might remember that Tom Cruise had similar problems with the Chinese government for Mission: Impossible 3, which had some amazingly shot scenes along the buildings of Hong Kong. However, the officials requested the film be edited, because it showed Chinese cops looking foolish for being unable to capture Ethan Hunt (to which I respond, tell them to join the club with the rest of the world's law enforcement agencies), and underwear hanging from a clothesline near the finale. One would think it would not be worth the trouble, but with all the big money movies can make if they can convince the Chinese government to release them in their country, I guess that's not the case.

To see the rest of the pics, including one of Bale and Morgan Freeman, click here!


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