Sunday, November 11, 2007

So, American Gangster is NOT from Greensboro?

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During a scene in Ridley Scott's American Gangster, we find out that drug lord Frank Lucas and his brothers (Denzel Washington, et al. pictured above) were from Greensboro, NC. Well, according to Friday's edition of The News and Record, this is not the case:

The movie apparently got Frank Lucas's hometown wrong. He's from LaGrange, N.C., near GOLDSboro. Same state, different color. Thanks to JR and Susan Ladd for pointing that out.


When I saw the words, "Greensboro, N.C." at the bottom of the screen during our town's cameo appearance in the movie, I couldn't help but shout, "WOOO!" Now I have found out that all of that excitement has been for nothing. However, when the cameo appearance did take place, one thing I noticed was that the location they used in the film looked rather swamp-like. Kinda like the boggy parts of our state near Goldsboro.

Guess I just thought Ridley Scott & co. believed all of the American south looked like that. Hmmmm, go figure.


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