Sunday, November 11, 2007

Because we all make mistakes (Thursday's blooper).

Anyone who listens to both the live feed of our show AND the weekly podcasts knows that the podcast versions are full of edits and trims. This is a luxury afforded to me for having user-friendlyl editing software (i.e., GarageBand), and I take advantage of this fact often so that in it's downloadable form, my show will sound as perfect as possible.

One of the blessings of doing our show via live radio is that when something insightful or hilarious happens, it comes from the magic from that moment. However, that also leaves room for error, too. This week, we had a major error wherein I played the Anthony Hamilton song Do You Feel Me and forgot to turn the mic off. Fortunately (and strangely enough), neither Mike or I dropped any f-bombs, dirty jokes, or imtimate details from our personal lives during the downtime time. I did, however, take a phone-call from "Nathan," a frequent listener who had some useful information on Mr. Rogers. And who knows, if Nathan had never called, Mike and I could have said something to get ourselves Don Imus-ed from the station - or worse - our loved ones and friends. So thanks, Nathan.

I chose to edit this mistake by replacing the blooper with the actual song, because I wanted to preserve the hip-swaying groove of Hamilton's number. But rather than ditch the blooper, and hope that everyone forgets about it, I've decided to include the it as an mp3 file, so everyone can remember the time I screwed-up.

Consider this our first deleted scene.


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