Friday, November 30, 2007

JLA's Wonder Woman will be played by...

... Australian model Megan Gale, according to AICN.

Here's what she looks like:
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Does she look the part? Well, my wife just said she's got great legs like Wonder Woman, which means it's fair game for me to say I agree, but she's a model. Looking like a goddess is part of her job description. The real question we need to ask ourselves here is can Gale act it?

Warner Brothers has a lot riding on them at this point, as they should if they are going to make a film about some of the greatest super heroes on Earth, without introducing two-thirds of the characters to the part of the American public who have no idea what 'New Comic Wednesdays' are.

But Wonder Woman isn't one of those characters. Thanks to the Linda Carter TV show, most people know who she is, and as a female super hero, she's iconic. As much so as Superman or Batman, I'd wager. WB has a real opportunity here to introduce this strong female super hero to a new generation of young viewers - female viewers in particular. Young girls need a heroine. They've all seen the Superman, Batman and Spider-Man movies. They've tired of seeing their gender kidnapped and held for ransom so as to reduce all women into a mere plot-device, or an object to be rescued or saved.

I'm going to hold my opinions on Gale until I see her in action - if she's got the part, that is - but I hope she can act. I hope Warner Brothers didn't cast the most attractive dark-haired woman who would work for the least amount of money. Then again, at least it's not Jessica Alba.


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