Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coming to Greensboro this Friday: Juno!

So I'm scanning this Friday's new releases and find that Juno will be coming out in Greensboro this Friday. FINALLY!

Here are the showtimes:

The Consolidated Grande
1:45pm | 5:15pm | 7:30pm | 9:45pm

The Grand Theatre - Four Seasons 18
11:25a 1:40 4:05 7:05 9:20 11:40

Cinemark Brassfield Cinema
12:10pm | 2:50pm | 5:30pm | 8:10pm

(In High Point)

Palladium Cinemas 14
12:10pm | 2:40pm | 5:05pm | 7:25pm | 9:55pm

(In Winston-Salem)

Carmike Cinemas Wynnsong 12
1:00pm | 3:10pm | 5:20pm | 7:30pm | 9:45pm

How much do you want to bet a lot of Greensboro residents are going to drive to the Carousel, only to find out this year's biggest independent comedy is playing somewhere else. It baffles me to this day why any indie studio would release their film at the Consolidated, since it's the Carousel which produces the most demand by hanging their posters and playing their trailers in front of similar films. The Consolidated does absolutely ZERO publicity for indie films, so why should they reap any of the reward?

With all the other play dates around the Triad, Fox Searchlight has obviously kicked this movie into Little Miss Sunshine mode. It could be a wise move, because this film has the same potential reach as Knocked-Up. I wouldn't be surprised if Juno raked in $100 million. However, if they had continued to play small - say 500-600 screens instead of 1,500 - Juno would have packed screens across the country, thus turning the film into an event and prolonging interest by patrons turned away in the event of a sell-out.

But regardless of how this film is released, it is YOUR duty to see it in theaters. Juno was my number two favorite film of the year. And if that wasn't good enough, co-host Mike declared Juno his favorite movie of 2007. The movie is a breath of fresh air for people like me who are tired of seeing teenage girls portrayed as shopping-obsessed idiots in all the 'teenage comedies' coming out these days.

I plan on writing an in-depth response to some of the negative criticism coming out about the film from local critics (including The News & Observer's Craig D. Lindsey). In the meantime, mark your calendars. A good film is about to take flight in the Triad, and if enough people take notice, it might just soar.


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