Monday, June 30, 2008

New Bond (a.k.a. Quantum of Solace) trailer.

The trailer for Quantum of Solace, the Marc Foster-directed follow up to Casino Royale premiered in front of the abominable Wanted this weekend.

I wasn't too hopefuly for the project at first - production has been severely rushed to say the least, and let's face it, the title sucks - but now that I've had a chance to view the trailer, I have to say that I can't wait.

See for yourself:

Maybe they should have called it The Bond Supremacy instead?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PODCAST: Remembering Stan Winston.

Joe and Mike celebrate the life of special effects guru Stan Winston on this week’s episode of The Movie Show.

They also discuss the potentially grim future of indie film distribution and Robert Downey Jr.’s wild new film project.

Reviews: The Incredible Hulk and The Happening

Soundtrack Selections include:

“Here Comes My Baby” by Cat Stevens from Rushmore;
“Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey from Goldfinger;
“I’m Not There” (Dylan Cover) by Sonic Youth from I’m Not There.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stan Winston R.I.P.

I'll speak more on the matter on tonight's show. In the meantime, here's a great video montage that made:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RE: Marvel spoils Incredible cameo in TV spots.

Marvel wants people to see The Incredible Hulk so bad that they are willing to blow the movie's HUGE CAMEO (SPOILER ALERT!!) in their TV spots.

But the question here is why? The movie is getting good reviews, but that might not be enough to make audiences forget the horrible taste Ang Lee's film left in their mouths. Guess I can't blame them for not wanting to lose money after Iron Man did so well, but by using the cameo in the TV spot, they've lessened its impact when it happens in the actual film.

Also, the TV spots give some potential viewers the false impression that [YOU KNOW WHO] plays a major role in the story.

By building up that expectation, Marvel and Universal run the risk of having moviegoers 'Hulk'-out and smash up auditoriums across the country? If I were a theater owner, I would probably want to take out a little insurance right about now....

Thursday, June 05, 2008

PODCAST: Cannes, Aptow, & Terminators!

Mike and Joe have got the deets on Judd Aptow’s third directorial effort on this week’s episode of “The Movie Show.”

They also discuss a terrible Terminator 4 rumor, the upcoming Dark Shadows movie starring Johnny Depp, and ask YesWeekly editor Brian Clarey which bars they should hit up if they ever make it to the Cannes Film Festival.

Reviews: Sex and the City and The Strangers.

Soundtrack Selections include:
“Satan Said Dance” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah from Choke;
“Sprout and the Bean” by Joanna Newsom from The Strangers;
“Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” by Urge Overkill from Pulp Fiction.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

AICN's ridiculous Terminator 4 rumor could in fact be a spoiler.

You can file this story under "Oh God, please no!":

Yesterday, Aint-It-Cool's Drew "Moriarty" McWeeney ran a possible spoiler from a 'spy' called "Dr. Silberman" regarding a potential twist-ending for Terminator: Salvation, a movie intended to jump-start a brand new trilogy of films. I won't reveal the spoiler here, but I will say that if true, the movie is going to make a lot of fans of the Cameron films very mad.

Here's how the spoiler starts:

Alright so the main character is a cyborg named Marcus. For some background, Marcus was a criminal who was executed in 2003. He donated his body to Project Angel which was involved with SkyNet. They take his body and make a terminator out of him so he's a terminator skeleton but has living muscle/skin and a beating heart too. At the end of the movie John Connor is fighting a T800 model 101 and....

If you want to read the rest, go here. I read it yesterday, then re-read it today just to make sure I could believe my eyes. I have to say that it's really just way too Shymalan for a series that's done more than well so far off of a neat concept and some cool action.

The news of this potential ending, which has been confirmed by, has already kicked up a storm on the nets, so let's hope the cinematic grave-robbers will come to their senses and write something else. Or better yet, do nothing at all.

Trailer for Chuck "Fight Club" Palahniuk's Choke.

For fans of David Fincher's Chuck Palauniuk adaptation "Fight Club," the droubt between the release of that film (1999!) and now has been so long, that I was almost starting to think Hollywood had dismissed the writer's work altogether.

Fortunately, actor/director Clark Gregg saw potential in Palahniuk's first novel, Choke, managed to sign brilliant actor Sam Rockwell as the film's star, and before we knew it, another Palahniuk book is on it's way to the big screen with Invisible Monsters not too far behind.

Here's the trailer for Choke. One might notice it's rather low-key and nowhere near as flashy as Fight Club was, but then what indie filmmaker would have access to that kind of money to begin with?

I really dig the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah song in the trailer. Might have to play it on tonight's show....

Zack and Miri Make a Porno trailer.

Warning, if you don't have headphones, this one is definitely NSFW.

Hmmm, while I wish we could have seen some actual footage from the movie, it looks as if Rogen is at least comfortable working with Kevin Smith. That can't be a bad thing.

Sex and the City review.

(NOTE:The following is not a print review. It was written to be read aloud on tonight's episode of "The Movie Show." )

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw makes the seemingly logical jump from HBO to the big screen in the film version of the hit show Sex and the City. And in case you were wondering, Carrie’s friends Samatha, played by Kim Cattral; Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis; and Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon are along for the ride as well.

Since I’ve yet to see a single episode from start to finish, I won’t pretend to be knowledgeable about the TV show. But I will say the film centers on a quartet of peculiar characters. At the beginning of the film, Carrie states that like most young women, she came to New York in search of the two L’s: Labels and Love, however, it becomes pretty clear in the first twenty minutes that Carrie and her friends’ pursuit of the former oftentimes eradicates any chances that they might have had with the latter.

When Mr. Big - the love of Carrie’s life played by the caddish actor Chris Noth, proposes to her on the eve of having purchased a swank New York apartment, she promises to keep her wedding short and sweet. Of course this is all but impossible for the New York socialite who’s addicted to nice clothes and ridiculous shoes from pricey designers. Two-hundred guest invitations and one ridiculously expensive bridal gown later, the sheer spectacle that Carrie makes of her nuptials gives Mr. Big cold feet on their wedding day.

At this point, all was fairly well with the movie version ofSex and the City, that is until the movie continued to play on for two more hours, most of which features a severely depressed Carrie on the brink of a great epiphany -- or suicide. As for the other three characters, an indiscretion threatens Miranda’s marriage; adoptive mother Charlotte finds out she could finally be having a baby of her own; and Kim Cattrall’s Samantha, who celebrates her 50th birthday at some point in the film, continues her quest for sexual fulfillment despite the fact that she’s already committed to a younger and absurdly handsome young actor.

As I stated before, Sex and the City is very long, and plays out like watching half a season of a TV show Back-To-Back, and the characters have a horrible way of constantly re-hashing major plot points via dialogue. So in the end, the question is, “What did you think of the show?” If your answer is ‘I liked it,’ I can’t think of a more fitting way to spend your time in a darkened theater. But if you hate the show, or like me, have had virtually no experience with it whatsoever, you should probably bring the Tylenol, and lots of it.

Price of admission includes:

-Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson in a role that feels ridiculously token and tacked on considering that she only mingles with Carrie and none of the other characters from the film, only to disappear from her life by the very end of the film.

-A glimpse of Kim Catrall wearing nothing but a buffet of sushi – something that would have no doubt pleased fans of “Big Trouble in Little China” had this scene been filmed twenty years ago.

-And way too many sex scenes featuring completely bald actor Evan Handler, who looks like a combination of a sharpee and a phallus.

For fans of the series, I give Sex and the City a plus. As for the rest of us, I give it a big, long, seemingly never-ending neutral.